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Coming in 2024: Secret Appalachian Highlands

For the last couple weeks, I have been working with the Reedy Press on my next book, Secret Appalachian Highlands: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure.

We are currently in the editing and design stage of the publishing process. The goal is to see a publishing and release date in April 2024.

I signed the contract on this book, my 7th release, late last year after learning about this growing publisher out of St. Louis, Missouri. The publisher prints various travel guidebooks around the country. Series by Reedy Press include Secret, 100 Things to do Before You Die, and others.

My new book focuses on the region comprised of Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. It is a unique travel guidebook that covers some of the more obscure things in the region, from Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park in Bluff City, Tennessee, to the Woodbooger in Norton, Virginia.

It covers unique monuments and markers, cemeteries, museums, restaurants, parks, neighborhoods, and more. There are also some ghost stories, legends, and history.

Most of my books have focused on local history, this one includes some history, but is generally a travel guide. Those planning to pick it up at Barnes & Noble will find it in the travel section.

It was a challenge to decide what to include in the book. For example, I had to decide: Is it secret enough?

I started out with a long list of items. Then I began to research, photograph, and trim, a practice required for every book that I've tackled over the years.

Overall, this book includes items that no one has likely ever heard of, as well as some items that locals may be familiar with.

I hope readers, including local residents and visitors, enjoy the book.

I appreciate the production manager, copyeditors, and typesetters that I have been working with. Soon, we'll be working on planning events and marketing.

The book's cover has not yet been completed, but I'll be certain to keep you posted on its progress.


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